What Things Do People Consider When Choosing Mp3 Player with Bluetooth?

In the mobile era like today, who doesn’t want to listen to your favorite music directly to your ears? There are many MP3 player devices that are sold on the market at low prices, attractive designs and of course with a capacity that can be pitted. Do not rush to choose an MP3 Player just because of the physical. You must check the ‘innards’ first. If you want to ensure the product you will get is the best mp3 player with bluetooth, the following are things you must consider when buying it.

1. Compatibility with Computers

Compatibility with the type of computer that you have is very important, considering there will be several things you have to do with that device. The very common MP3 Player connector is USB. If you are a computer user with a Windows operating system, there is no need to worry because all playback devices can be invited to work with.

If you are a Mac user, you have two choices: choose an iPod from Apple or a USB Mass Storage Class-compliant (USB MC) device. USB MC allows your MP3 player to be connected to a computer without having to install certain software.

In addition to physical connectors, make sure your computer also has MP3 supporting software such as Windows Media Player. So that data exchange will be easier to do.

2. Storage Media

Storage media in the MP3 Player must also be considered. There are several storage media commonly used in MP3 players. Hard Drive is a storage medium with the largest capacity. Available capacity between 3GB to 100GB.

The disadvantage, this media is not resistant to shock. If so, just choose the Flash Drive media, which has a lighter weight and does not depend on the movement of the wearer. You can invite your MP3 Player to run and even for certain MP3 players that can be carried into the pool.

Unfortunately, the biggest size that the Flash Drive can provide is only 2GB. But this media is certainly more expensive than the Hard Drive. For information, every 1 GB can store at least 130 to 150 songs, depending on the quality and format of the music file.

3. Battery

The battery used by MP3 players with the same Hard Drive and Mini Hard Drive media, namely rechargeable batteries. It’s easy if the battery runs out, the living device is plugged into electricity. Unfortunately, this device is difficult to replace independently or even sometimes you have to buy a new one if the battery is no longer working.

While MP3 players with Flash Drive media do not require a lot of energy, so the battery used is usually only two AA or AAA batteries. The drawback is clear. If you run out, you have to buy new again. You don’t need to worry, because now there are also AA or AAA batteries that can be recharged.

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