Go To Buy Mp3 Player with These Tips

Sometimes, choosing a music player device is not an easy thing, because now there are so many technologies embedded in the music player. For that, many things must be considered before choosing or buying a music player device. Well, here are some things that must be considered before you decide to buy a music player device. Below are things to check when you go to buy the best mp3 player with bluetooth, especially if you go to a nearby physical store in your area.



What is famous today is the OLED screen. Unfortunately, this type of screen wastes the battery and the sharpness of the image is still not good compared to the LCD screen. The MP3 Player screen with Hard Drive media is usually 2.5 inches while the screen with Flash media is about 1.5 inches. For those of us who only use the MP3 Player as a music player, we can choose an MP3 Player without a screen or with a one-line widescreen.

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